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The samskaras were important religious sacraments for the human body. The system of trade routes was supplementary to the migration of people of the Indian society. Aparant path facilitated the supply of valuable commodities as diamonds, pearls, gems, gold, conch shells and precious stones for which southern India was famous for ages, southern routes passed by a larger number linear trading strategy mines.

The importance of the Buddhist Jatakas as a valuable source how to work from home job the early commercial activities is the theme of another paper.

Ships in ancient period were usually of the two-masted type. As he writes, his mind and emotions are in India with all its fragrance. Some of the routes were created by the administrations of the regions. The approved ones are: For at the same time when with us the Etesian winds are blowing, on the shores of India the wind sets in from the ocean, and part time jobs work from home singapore southwest wind is called Hippalus, from the name of him who first discovered the passage across the Indian Ocean.

Vedic society in early period had no such serving class like the shudras. The same track is now flooded with the cars, buses and heavy vehicles. The routes were also classified according to use of vehicles.

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India imported horses from Arabia, Iran and Bactria. Rock cutting also evolved as another important occupation due to the rapid rise in use of statues for prayers. The king, princes and wealthy prople used chariots.

The author observes "the brisk commercial activity in the Western India during the post-tenth centuries led to the emergence of a prosperous and powerful class of merchants who dominated the political, social and economic fabric of the region". The letters give us an idea of the articles of trade and exchange during the 12th century.

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However, the fact is three thousand years back the traders and merchants traveled trade system in ancient india distances of about or kilometers from Assam to Gandhar and from Himachal to Vindhyas and thence to the south up to Tamilnadu.

Mauryas saw a tremendous increase in trade.

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  • Related to this theme is another informative paper on the role of merchant guilds of South India in trade and urbanisation.

Roman emperor Aurelian declared Indian silk to be its worth in gold. Kautilya regarded the routes leading to the south as more important than those leading to Himalayas, Uttarpratha brought to market the supply of blankets, skins and horses.

The missions were diplomatic rather than commercial, but many exchanges of gift and produces were made. The prac-tice of land grants was started by a few rulers to relax the tax collections, now entrusted to grant holders.

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Hippalus was a Greek navigator and merchant in the 1st century BC. He demanded strict con-trol over them, as also with the often indisciplined frontier guards antapalas. Venetian interests were directly threatened as the traditional trade patterns were eliminated and the Portuguese became able to undersell the Venetians in the spice trade in Europe.

The significance of "Dana" and "Dakshina" as forms of exchange during the Vedic and the post-Vedic times forms the theme of another interesting paper.

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Thomas spent about 40 years in India gaining converts to Christ from the west coast to the east coast where he was martyred c. In drought, famine and natural calamities interstate migration was common.

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This road led to Vidarbha and other to Kosala. The merchants from Kalingpttanam, could go to Bharukachcha Bhadoch in Gujrata. Vaishyas are called graha-patis or householders. Thomas Mount, the supposed place where Thomas was killed.

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In the first millennium BCE this system was gradually developed and continued unabated up to eighteenth century CE. Another important route from Ujjain entered Gujaratha, the ancient commercial state with internation emporium and harbors. The traders and merchants moving all over india on land and outside india in the world over the water were not only moneymakers. In fact, peasants were thought of as sudras.

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Sartha caravan - Inland trade was carried on by carts and caravans. The last mentioned paper gives the English translation of Arabic letters, sent by a Jewish merchant and Superintendent of the port of Aden, who acted as a middleman between the Jews of the Mediterranean area and the merchants in India.

In the 2nd century A. Apart from these main national trade routes there must have been several alternate routes.


For example the production of the salt is not everywhere. The famous ports on Ratnakar Arabian sea were connected to this road.

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The practice of land grants finally developed feudalism. A third route led westward to Sindha the home of horses and asses and to Sauvir Saurashtra and its seaports. They were supported in this endeavor by the chiefs of several local principalities and port towns such as MuscatGwadarand Pasni.

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The linkages and interdependence among rulers, merchants and religious establishments with special reference to the Northern Konkan forms the theme of another essay. The Ptolemaic dynasty exploited the strategic position of Alexandria to secure trade with the subcontinent. There were guilds of merchants.

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Huen Tsang, speaks of a flourish-ing Buddhist faith, even in the 7th century A. Map of sea trade routes in AD Anonymous has left a detailed account of his numerous trading voyages to and from India and all the goods imported to India and the commodities exported from India.

Rich people rode on elephants.

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We can lay out the national highways which were the important trade routes. Early literature of the Buddhists provides a picture of a settled agricultural economy and an emerging forex currency pairs in urban centres. Particular attention is drawn to the role of "Setthis", the merchant class in the field of commerce.

Still some trade routes were specially called vanik-patha. India obtained brass, lead and gold from foreigners, whereas Indian iron and steel saikya ayas was very advanced in quality and was exported.

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Intercaste marriages were gener-ally in Anuloma system marriage of high caste male with low caste female. In his plays, Kalidas potraits a good view of the town markets and trade transactions.

Such necessities promoted the trade. In the early centuries India was the exporting country. Agrahara land was granted only to brahmins. In the Buddhist texts, the social order is denoted as: The sartha required provision of enough food and water in case of passing through deserts for calculated number of months, of system trading corporation gazebo their main halts gave them relief where they could fulfill the shortage of required provisions.

The importance of trade and exchange was not fully recognised. The trade contacts with the South-East Asian countries are brought out well in the essay. Related to this theme is another informative paper on the role of merchant guilds of South India in trade and urbanisation.