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Since my trading style requires one to take multiple positions there has to be enough capital to take the positions. Ganesh Kumar P. Similarly in the expiry day nifty option strategy if you get Nifty aboveyou know Nifty will not expire above I have been using this service for the last couple of months. Srinivasan, Kanchipuram I lost of so much money in the Commodity segment especially in Crude, I tried so many tips providers calls but it worked on free trial but bank nifty option trading strategy in tamil I joined with them most of the trades stop loss triggerd and I was loosing money.

Finally I subscribed with paid trial with nifty tech. Just open this page on expiry day morning.

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I looked for various business avenues to accumulate wealth with small capital. As the market moves option price changes, I start booking profit on options where it has overshot the theoretical price but it is in my favour. One thing that struck me from the book was to imitate what the rich men do.

In order to save my position, I hedge by buying a lower strike price option, but only a small part of my exposure. Thanking you Kareem,Chennai Many traders lose money on expiry day. I am searching for options at Rs 3, by 3 bank nifty option trading strategy in tamil. One such avenue was trading in equity markets which requires small capital to start with.

Nearly 90 percent of the money I have is in the balanced fund. The red bars are put open interest and blue bars are call open interest. Now as the market moves I form a view and take a position. I do look at technical charts but I am more comfortable and have trust in the data points.

It is a totally different and profitable approach you have sir.

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Now i am enjoying the trade everyd Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer. I wanted to turn in to a full-time trader by but the markets have been rewarding so I decided to prepone it. See the image below: So at 10 a. Say going long atif the trader put a stop loss atthe loss bank nifty option trading strategy in tamil be restricted to Rs 3, instead of at Rs 7, Yes, losses can be minimised by buying calls or puts for May expiry on Bank Nifty.

On a normal bank nifty option trading strategy in tamil, these prices may be points away, but high volatility results in a higher premium. Locate the point when last time red bar is longer than blue bar and the first time blue bar is longer than red bar. Your performance updation is genuine. Being a house wife i am able to trade with confidence without knowing much about Nifty Futures.

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But there can be immense profit if you can trade expiry effectively. I keep on doing this adjustment and all the time chipping away profit from the market. But we must patience to get profit I only take traders who are already trading in options and know the basics.

Thank you, FlexJobs! Oregon, situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.

What an accuracy and perfection… am learning every day. Bears can similarly short or sell Bank Nifty futures or buy a put option on the index. I have an arrangement with my office where I get a day off on every Thursday the expiry day for Bank Nifty. Are you taking naked short positions without any hedge or having the underlying investments A: I no longer trade a naked position, I always a protected position.

I only trade out-of-the-money options and in those strike prices diy work from home are least sensitive to market movement. Kareem, Chennai Sir I am happy about your Calls. On expiry day these prices might be available on strike prices that are points away from where the market is trading.

Bank Nifty Option Trading Strategy In Tamil

So I went through many workshops, read books and articles to learn about option selling and ever since I have been an option writer. It has been an amazing experience as to how his analytical skills have been perfect in determining the right levels at the right time. Since these are leveraged positions — one puts up a fraction of the contract value to trade — adverse price movement can cause huge losses to traders.

You mentioned institutions do a lot of option writing but they also invest in equity, why did you not follow that route. I am selling options that are trading at Rs 1.

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My main strategies are calendar, butterfly, iron condor and expiry related trading. If one has taken multiple positions, the loss will be even greater. In weekly options, the time decay is very fast, so if you sell options and get the direction right the returns are faster. I subscribed before two months and watched 15 days without doing the actual trade, after i got the confidence on your level then only i started to do the trade.

Regards Sridhar Hyderabad. How do you manage to trade with your job? His feedback on training "Price action trading very well explained Unique way, different perspective about Options trade ex Also his humble background his parents were masons in a village close to Madurai shows up on his trading style where he goes after a trade even if there is a good jobs work from home small profit potential, not leaving any money on the table.

But now I have already put down my papers and will be trading fulltime. I have b I use this investment as a margin with the broker to do my option writing. His views about the Porgram " Excellent Experience.

The real game starts after 1: I have decided you are my life time service provider. But for me, the 18 percent is over and above the return I get from the investment in the balanced fund which I bank nifty option trading strategy in tamil using as a leverage. I will hold on to the position till expiry if my view of the market does trenchant trading systems pvt ltd changes.

He follows Indian and world stock markets closely. Really you are telling the correct direction of the Market. Mr D Karthikeyan from Coimbatore is one of the participant. Today was a real rollercoaster day with Infy results on the horizon.


Trust me You will again get it within rupees. The number of trades is decided by the market condition. How do you form a view of the market, is it technical analysis or are there other data points you look out for. So expiry will be above No I do both position and intraday, but nearly 50 percent of my profits come through intraday, that too by trading on the expiry day only.

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You need not to be a big technical analyst to trade Nifty on the expiry. Then the maximum loss will be limited to the premium paid to the seller for the call or put option. I trade looking at various time frames.

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Expiry day trading accounts for half of your profit and is a day when you take more than trades, can you walk us through how you trade on the expiry day. By adopting Option Break I am doing nifty option trading. In positional option writing what td ameritrade forex arizona of strategies you follow. Nirmal Mitra, Kolkatta I have tried advisory services from many but i used to discontinue them within a month even if i paid for the entire month.

His view on the training " Content in the course is great.

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