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Revisions These codes schemes are occasionally revised. The second two digits designate the HS heading.

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HS codes can be determined by a variety of factors including a product's composition, its form and its function. Picture frames made of plastic are classified under subheading For example, within Section X Pulp of wood is online work from home safe of other fibrous cellulosic material; Recovered waste and scrap paper or paperboard; Paper and paperboard and articles thereofChapter 47 provides for pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulosic materials, whereas Chapter 49 covers printed books, newspapers, and other printed matter.

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work from home jobs in morgantown wv It presents a comprehensive perspective on the different types of barriers that affect international trade. Market analysis tools Market analysis tools The International Trade centre has created a range of market analysis tools for developing countries — Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map and Standards Map to help users examine the export and import statistics of over countries and territories to better understand supply and demand trends for around 5, internationally traded products.

Conversely, liquid personal hygiene soap is classified under either Your request will be forwarded to Innovation, Science and Economic Development for approval. Trade Maps Trade Maps covers the annual trade flows mirror and direct of over countries and territories and 5, products defined at the 2, 4 or 6-digit level of the Harmonized System with different trade autocad job from home indices, values, quantities, trends, market share and unit values and times series since displayed in graphic, map or tabular format.

Trade Statistics Coding Systems (Coding system, HS, SITC)

Statistical suffixes are often added to the 8-digit tariff code for a total of 10 digits. Use the Revision appropriate to the particular series. You can start your registration by clicking on Trade Map and go to the Login button at the top right of the page.

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Some of the data sources are more detailed. The first two digits HS-2 identify the chapter the goods are classified in, e.

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The longer the string of digits, the greater the degree of specificity of the commodity. The 97 HS chapters are further subdivided into approximately 5, headings and subheadings.

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The books go to the 5-digit level and can help determine a broad category of commodity. The Harmonized System was introduced in and has been adopted by most of the countries worldwide. The next two digits HS-6 are even more specific, e. The main objective of the programme is to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters, policymakers and buyers, to participate in more sustainable production and trade.

An example of a product classified according to its function is a carbon monoxide CO detector.

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The classification will also change depending on whether the potatoes are fresh or frozen. Residual codes normally occur last in numerical order under their book my forex mumbai contact no headings and subheadings.

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At the international level, the Harmonized System HS for classifying goods is a six-digit code system. Also In This Category. One or two digit numbers represent greatly aggregated data for broad categories of commodities. HS code Chapters 98 and 99 are reserved for national use.

Correspondence Coffee trading system The amendments split, merge, change in scope between the latest HS edition and its previous edition are maintained by WCO. However, knowing the numbers ahead of time and understanding how a term is used will make your search more precise and fast.

Harmonized System

When in the form of a bar, cake or moulded shape, such soap is classified under subheading To ensure harmonization, the contracting parties to the Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, have agreed to base their national tariff schedules on the HS nomenclature and Legal Notes.

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By entering key words or HS code, you can search list of products and commodities with their 6 digit, 4 digit, or 2 digit - HS codes at the online database below: Parties often set their customs duties at the 8-digit "tariff code" level.

Up to the HS-6 digit level, all countries classify products in the same way a few exceptions exist where some countries apply old versions of the HS.

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  • The HS code consists of 6-digits.
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Parties treasury forex card rates permitted to subdivide the HS nomenclature beyond 6-digits and add their own Legal Notes according to their own tariff and statistical requirements. Picture frames made of glass are classified under subheading Natural commodities, such as live animals and vegetables, for example, are described in the early sections of the HS, whereas more evolved goods such as machinery and precision instruments are described in later sections.

It has undergone several changes in the classification of products. You can use this guide to determine the numerical code assigned to a particular commodity; the descriptive passages can be helpful to determine the context of a particular commodity within classification.

See the list at HS Reused Codes. Please note that the scope of reused codes may be different or similar.

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An example of a product classified according to its form is personal hygiene soap. An example best brokers platform canada a product classified according to its form would be whole potatoes. An example of a product classified under a residual heading is a live dog, which must be classified under heading For example, animals and animal products are found in one section of the HS, while machinery and mechanical appliances are found in another.

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  2. Correspondence Tables The amendments split, merge, change in scope between the latest HS edition and its previous edition are maintained by WCO.
  3. Statistical suffixes are often added to the 8-digit tariff code for a total of 10 digits.
  4. The books go to the 5-digit level and can help determine a broad category of commodity.

More detailed information with regard to the amendments is available from WCO website. Market Access Map The Market Access Map is an interactive analytical web application developed by the International Trade centre to support the needs of exporters and importers. Seven or ten digit numbers represent fairly specific commodities.

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Example of the hierarchical structure of the Harmonized System In addition to the HS codes and commodity descriptions, each Section and Chapter of the HS is prefaced by Legal Notes, which are designed to clarify the proper classification of goods. Section and Chapter titles describe broad categories of goods, while headings and subheadings describe products in more detail.

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It also includes relevant information on activities of foreign affiliates in developing countries and economies in transition. The six digits can be broken down into three parts. Since its creation, the HS has undergone several revisions - ostensibly, to either eliminate headings and subheadings describing commodities that are no longer traded, or to create headings and subheadings that address technological advancements and environmental concerns.