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This is just factual investopedia forex market. Did this turn me into a trading genius? I discarded that idea before going to far with it, I did not want to be successful just by virtue of me being a trading fool that shorted my own opinions.

I never really had any strategy worth mentioning, the closest I came to an astute observation was noticing on a 1 hour chart if the last candle had been bullish, it was somewhat common for the next hour to open, move back into that last candle for a while and then reverse and also be bullish.

Going into my second year. No links to your personal or corporate blog, automated trading software for stocks YouTube channel, trade signal services, brokerage services, anything related to binary options, or the like. To learn to trade is going to cost you. Also, posting a link to an article you read is fine, but you are not allowed to post a link to an article you've written in hopes of gaming traffic or promoting your work, thus leads us to rule 2 below.

Most of them I deemed useless noise just for me, whatever works for others is their business but there were a couple things that were like equity options trader resume links for me.

Any idea on an average day how many people ask me to teach them to trade?

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I never. I always wanted to trade stocks, but never really had the capital to do it. The next step was to become very focused on forex lahore contact number thing and become very proficient in that one thing. This sub deals with fiat currencies backed by governments. This includes posts that state "PM me for details" 4: Do your own analysis. Now things started to work out for me again.

Rinse and repeat for a couple of weeks that was my training. Intention of this post is info from one newb to other newbs getting started.

Landi hires teachers to teach English to Chinese students.

In a concept I called "the first 15 minutes lie" I had somewhat of a buying retracements strategy, didn't work very well but was certainly the closest I'd got to a tangible strategy. I now have objectivity, understanding and experience that tempers this natural instinct to learn forex trading reddit market food in me and to some level I am have become instinctively counter intuitive but the fact remains, if I just watched a chart and done what "felt" right, I'd lose.

I could buy the highs and sell the lows with spectacular accuracy.

I paid my cost in time and in frustration. My first method trying to work out this matrix code of candles don't think I knew they were called that at the time was just watching charts and when I seen important looking candles I'd say to myself "Have I not seen one of them before" and scroll back through the chart and see if I could find them and what has happened.

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Subreddit Rules: A big advantage I had here was that I had not had exposure to various things other people use, the magnitude of indicators and such. It was not that I was not wining a lot of trades, as a "no good" trader may. So here I am, 6 months into trading with a live account.

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So when I thought the trend was almost over I would start taking reversal trades or what I thought were break outs of the trend. I noticed my trading idiot was actually incredibly proficient at identifying excellent places to enter the market, just it wanted to do the wrong thing.

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Now, if you are buying the highs, selling the lows, getting stopped out right as price reversed in your favor and if you have ever considered shorting yourself, I have good news for you. I had to take break for like 2 weeks after that to recoup my mind.

Quickly learned from multiple sources, seriously its everywhere, if doing FX you need to go through babypips. I also never automated trading software for stocks free resources, not until I already had a rough idea of how I was trading anyway, more on that later.

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For a very small period of time I thought "Damn, I am meant to be the smartest guy in the room here and I have no idea about this at all, I need learn about it". I had to go through the hell of trying to work out if it was because the thing I was trying to do did not work at all or if I was doing something that did work and just did not work that time.

So thanks for that. If you would like me to update again at the beginning of my 3rd year give it a thumbs up. As a beginner some times just factual info can be the most help rather than advice. It was only at this point I started to interact with trading communities and became exposed to the other things out there.

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Also, I was getting frustrated with my job, still there by the way. You probably have zero hope, zip, nada, zilch. We'd been discussing and the point had been raised that people who want successful trader to teach them for free are not showing any understanding or empathy for what the trader has paid to get to where they are, here is what he said; "They dont have a clue. Took me about 2 months to work my way through baby pips course while trying every indicator under the sun on my practice account.

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People posting inspirational memes have not the first clue because if they did they would know over coming means you went through hell and you dont glory in it you are just thankful its done. Only post an article with your analysis in the comments.

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  5. I went back to searching for divergent trades, my trades.

Just giving it to you straight here, if your an is income from stock options taxable, idiot is for life, not just for Christmas. Your style maybe completely different and probably is. I was listening to Jim Cramer on Mad Money while at work. But, my trading idiot was flawlessly and effortlessly scanning over charts and spotting places to get into the markets and then screwing up.

The purpose of this post is more for information and factual stuff than advice.


For me that was going to be MACD. I did learn new techniques that I believe help me, but I only finished 2 weeks ago. If anyone is offended by the word "idiot" feel free to substitute it for some euphemism.

General spirit of this rule: Price could have been going up for years, I'd manage to buy when right as it was about to go down. I knew if I was making the same mistakes over when does american forex market open over and over again, there must be some trigger that made me do that, if I could understand the trigger and work out what happened, my trading idiot would continue to be a trading idiot and alert me to places the market may be about to make some sort of move, I could then hush the idiot and deploy a logical part of my brain and perhaps have a good trade.

Also, any conspiracy thought about crypto replacing Forex is considered a troll post and will work at home jobs with little experience that poster escorted out. A master is just a person who has made every mistake that can be made in one small space and I set about making they mistakes. Its a valley of tears literally. The only very brief foray I've had into learning about these indicators was when I very first started to teach people trading and they would ask me about these indicators.

I'd briefly thought about just doing the opposite of what I thought I should do, if I thought it was a buy, sell and vice versa. Refrain from discussing crypto. So my goal was to master the MACD. But honestly they all have bad reviews, but I wanted to trade. Now this is going to be the part that I never thought I would do, especially since its frowned on in general by this group.

It is not intended to be harsh, it just comes from the family of "first step to solving a problem is being able to admit it and call it what it is" and I use the word as a direct reference to myself and it is not intended to be any sort trading signals forum slight on anyone, it does not come with a "ha ha". Work from home positions in michigan posting empty trades will find them removed.

By again using the method of being brutally honest in assessing the weaknesses in what I was doing I refined this until I had something that worked work at home jobs with little experience well. But I paid for a trading course, well more like to join a permanent trading group who trains you.

I was waking up at 4: I assume they think its some boxing film training montage where they see the work and then the win in equal measure. Why did I pick 3k as my start amount? Like me, you are a ready made trading idiot, effortlessly terrible and you will continue to get results that reflect that if you just continue as you are. I could clearly see divergence and convergence throughout the charts.

Also, I am not sure how well someone can slv trading strategy do this, although the theory is sound, I think on a sub conscience level you would know you were work from home positions in michigan this and change your views to somehow still be wrong. Memes Memes are really not that welcome here. But I also started looking for others on trading view who traded just divergence.

Learning to trade is not glamorous, its not fun its not hard work its pain. No empty news articles without analysis News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or an accompanying question.

You will continue to take the trades that pay learn forex trading reddit people who know what they are doing until you deplete your capital and the best you will leave the trading world with is a hard luck story. When people go through all that and then someone thinks they should get the goodies from all that because they hit some keys on a keyboard to ask, there is always a bit of "Is this guy kidding me right now?

At one point in my life I was under the impression that I, a few weeks into the game, was the proud discover of the pin bar Yea When I noticed I was not just "not a good trader" I didn't have a strategy that made me buy the high, I would see the chart making a move and my instincts would tell me to buy and my instincts would be as off as they could possible be.

Not sure where I found the info but looking for other ways to trade I discovered spot forex. Even to this day, I can not really speak intelligently about things like Mac D, Stochastic, volume indicators and the like.

So like I said, I found someone whose trading style I associated with. This is right, in a sense, reading forex charts tips you keep doing this, your screwed.

This is a lonely and frustrating place to be, the most obvious thing to think here is that you are literally as far away from being a profitable trader as anyone can be. But the Eureka in here was that I was effortlessly terrible. How did I banish my trading idiot? If there is one quality you need in trading its getting up after falling down and honestly some thing has gone wrong in your past to have the drive to do it I really dont think its glorious.

Our trading styles were similar and he peaked my interest and was nice when I contacted him and I wanted to learn more faster.

1: No empty news articles without analysis

You can learn to trade and not spend a single cent to do so, absolutely can, I personally did, I know many others who did. So all in all its been 1 year and 4 wks since I started trading.

Mods reserve the right to remove any posts without explanation a community for. Become very focused on one specific thing, forget about mastering the markets, master one tiny thing in the markets. You must be willing to explain your analysis and reasoning for the trade. I could clearly see that an up or down trend was dying out on the daily or 4hr.

But I do still have to deploy a rational part of my brain that tells the emotional and reactionary part of my equity options trader resume "hush, your an idiot, we have proven your an idiot a billion times".