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Report: Eagles are expected to exercise Nick Foles' option; then what?

But Foles is a mystic with magical playoff properties. Examining the market for Folesthere aren't that many potential landing spots.

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The Jaguars would certainly prefer to get rid of Fournette's rookie contract while the Eagles need an upgrade at running back. Foles and DeFilippo have a good relationship from their time in Philadelphia, which makes Jacksonville a strong fit with DeFilippo there.

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What if? But yes, I can see that. Even noting the above logic, it would be hard to justify trading away a back-to-back championship winning quarterback. So yes, it would be almost impossible to trade him.

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How will this play out? A lot of changes are coming this offseason. This entire game of chicken might simply be an effort to keep Foles from signing with an NFC East rival.

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Any favorites? The options will probably be extremely limited.

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  • One source expects there to be about six quarterback openings in all.

Trade Extension or some sort of re-worked contract Plays on his fifth year option Cut Previously, I didn't think there was any way they would cut Agholor, and while Travel related work from home still believe that would be a bad idea, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility.

But the Eagles have one surefire way to prevent travel related work from home Foles twice a year: I have taken a deep dive into Hypothetical Land. Playing hardball through an appeal or through contract talks are the only options Foles has left if the Eagles use the tag.

At the same time the Eagles, who have enough other situations to deal with, would love to have the matter settled before free agency actually begins, March Question from Rob: Fournette had carries for yards and five touchdowns 3. But you are correct that it is percent a no-brainer for players to agree to them.

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Committing all that money to Foles unless they have a willing and ready trade partner prior is a huge risk. Yet they're fiercely competitive, which is why it would never work with them both still being Eagles. It also bears mentioning that two of the teams likely in the market for a quarterback next season are in the Eagle's division, the Giants and the Redskins.

Other options for Foles include the Dolphins, Jaguars and Broncos.

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Yes, I can be selfish. Carson Wentza talented quarterback on his rookie deal. Foles to Jaguars for the No. The Eagles understandably would prefer Foles land in Jacksonville, rather than in the division, and there could be "mutual interest" between Foles and the Jaguarsaccording to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo. Is chili a soup? He has 8. Foles will be 30 in two weeks. Would he force the Eagles to trade Wentz?

His body of work grew larger on Sunday. Here's our Eagles expert Jimmy Kempski's explanation of Foles' contract from one of his live chats back in December: Anything is possible.

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Philadelphia would also have bforex wikipedia second-round picks in addition to their first-round pick, making up for the loss of the third-round pick in the Golden Tate trade.

Question from milroyigglesfan: Here are a few options: At just 27, Bouye is still a shutdown corner as opposing quarterbacks had a Question from ATG: Less than an hour after that happened, Foles informed the team he'd buy back his freedom.

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One player I think would make sense if it gets to that point is Glover Quin, who the Lions released earlier this offseason. You can put chili on things, like a hot dog, for example. If the Eagles decide that the difference between Foles and Wentz is not so great, they can also get a much bigger haul of compensation by being willing to trade Wentz. Would they rather negotiate with Foles himself?