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Activating the various menu options provides functionality in the matching process described above. The matching engine 14 determines whether the trade exists, defined by the trade date and the customer's trade number in step The process then continues with step which loops to FIG.

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The cluster 62 also receives uploaded tab delimited files, parses XML and converts the inputs to Java objects. If the trade object is a cancel request, the processing continues to stepwhich starts the cancel process, defined in FIG.

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Traders in the OTC energy market typically agree to prices and terms with another trading forex sello party for a particular type of derivative in an energy product such as a natural gas swap. The administrative screen includes a counter party filter taba default values taba users taba parents tab a companies taba products tab and a data values tab SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION These needs and others may be met by the present invention, which has an aspect that is a system of determining the status of trades between a trader and a counter party, based on an electronic submission of a data file representing details in data fields of a trade by the trader and a second data file representing details in data fields of the trade by the counter party.

If the trade is not a matched trade in stepthe processing begins the cancellation process.

  • The title bar has a company selection box which allows a user to select different subsidiaries for which summaries of trades are to be displayed on the trade screen.
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  • The matching engine 14 then proceeds to stepwhich sets the MatchlD for the trades and sets the status to unmatched for the trades.
  • If the trade is not a matched trade in stepthe processing begins the cancellation process.
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This type of trade involves certain common terms such as settlement and payment terms. The forex traders comparison screen has a manager's view taba breaks tab and a filter section The help menu option activates various help files while the log modi per guadagnare soldi da casa negli stati uniti menu option exits the program.

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Each successive row displays the user value that is mapped to the system value and the market type. A database is coupled to the matching engine which stores the resulting trade data to confirm the trade if all of the key details in the two data files match.

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The Internet connected computer 22 may be connected directly to the interface module As a real-time system, NOVA's reporting and enquiry facilities can further improve the speed and responsiveness of your operation. The transaction is committed and processing passes forex calgary to the trade process. This process also prepares the trade components for transfer to the matching engine All of the data fields relating to a trade may be displayed by selecting the trade identification of a trade in the rows of the summary table in FIG.

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The trade details screen has the title bar and a user trade table and a counter party table Fields with the PM flag represent data that is derived from the product master values, for example, reference price or quantity unit. The user may search by a particular delivery location or select all delivery locations in the delivery location box Each of the tables have different data rdp forex which support the products and trades.

The data from the trading computers are sent to a data interface module 40 of the processing system 12 via a secure interface using SSL and bit encryption. Using third party products, NOVA can be configured to generate email, pager or facsimile messages, when certain exceptions occur or when certain events are recorded against a transaction, meaning that users do not have to monitor the workflow system full time.

A second firewall 72, which is preferably a Checkpoint firewall, connects the Internet Web Cluster 60 with the processing module 42 and the database module 44 to protect data stored in them. The summary table displays the data field mapping which is established on the data mapping details screen as will be explained below.

The summary table has a heading row Counter party data is submitted including different data fields relating to the trade via an electronic interface.

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  • Of course it is to be understood that other signifying symbols may be used such as holding, underlining, flashing, etc.
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  • The trade status column describes the action taken to the trade.

Such fields will automatically be designated by the data values from the product master. After the matching trade leaders binary options in canada takes place, the program allows additional functionality.

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The menu bar has an administration menu optiona data mapping menu optiona confirm summary menu optiona new confirmation menu optiona logs menu optiona file upload menu optiona reports menu optiona help menu option and a log out menu option The cancellation of the trade is performed in step which sets the status of the source trade to canceled and resets the value of the MatchlD to zero 0.

Like many financial markets, technology makes accessibility to the over-the-counter cfd trading brokers australia derivative market far greater. Once the user has defined the search parameters and has clicked the search buttonthe details of the trades that satisfy these criteria are displayed in the summary table The master agreement is amended to allow electronic confirmation.

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If there are other unmatched trades between these two companies in stepthe matching engine 14 identifies a new MatchlD by generating it using an Oracle sequence in step If the trade exists, the request is an update trade request and the processing continues to stepwhich is an update trade routine that is continued in FIG.

The summary table has various information from data fields which may be displayed relating to the selected trades under the status of the selected tabs

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